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30 December 2022. pp. 339-353
허학영 (2020) Post-2020 국가 보호지역 목표 설정을 위한 국제동향 고찰-생물다양성협약 결정문 및 글로벌 목표 성취현황 분석을 중심으로-. 한국환경생태학회지 34(6):601-609 10.13047/KJEE.2020.34.6.601
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국문 참고자료의 영문표기 English translation / Romanization of references originally written in Korean

Heo HY (2020) A review on the international trends for establishing post-2020 national targets relevant to protected areas - Focused on the CBD decisions and aichi target-11 achievement status -. J Ecol Environ 34(6):601-609 10.13047/KJEE.2020.34.6.601
  • Publisher :Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국해양과학기술원
  • Journal Title :Ocean and Polar Research
  • Journal Title(Ko) :Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume : 44
  • No :4
  • Pages :339-353
  • Received Date :2022. 06. 15
  • Revised Date :2022. 09. 20
  • Accepted Date : 2022. 10. 04